UDC Replacement Lamps

Connects the Same and Operates the Same!


First Light Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of compatible and economical Ultra Dynamics UDC replacement lamps.

  • Matching custom connector
  • Internal long life coating
  • 15 mm diamter

Economical and Compatible Replacement

Simply replace the old lamp with the new First Light Technology replacement. Physically & functionally equivalent to the Ultra Dynamic lamp. Receive a quality product at an excellent value.

UDC P/N First Light Lamp Spec Watt
8050 SUD GPH287T5LCA/CB-0N6 2773 14
8060 SUD GPH357T5LCA/CB-0N6 2786 16
5340 UD G36T5LCA/S07/CB-0N6B 2780 40
5360 UD G36T5VHCA/S07/CB-0N6B 2845 40
9410 UD G64T5LCA/S07/CB-0N6B 2781 75
6780 UD G64T5VHCA/S07/CB-0N6B 2973 75
19905 UD G64T5VHCA/2S07/CB-0N6B  2782 130

*Ultra Dynamic has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other First Light Technologies, Inc.